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We'll Pay You

What You're Worth. . . 

and then some

Finally an opportunity to achieve your full potential greatnessand be rewarded for your talents and skills, while you accelerate your growth.

We know you want to work for an amazing fast-growing company with plenty of opportunity for advancement, but let's face it; the REAL reason you're here is for the money. Right?  

That's something we take quite seriously here at SalesStream.

On the next page, the commission structure is broken into detail.

Above average compensation

We know that we can't attract the world's best talent if we're not willing to pay for it. . . so we do.

If you are a high-level professional who has been around the block a few times, then you will certainly appreciate our generous compensation plan.

Without our clients we would have no business, and it's our sales team that makes that possible. That has tremendous value to us, and our compensation plan backs that up.

Bonuses & Incentives

We overcompensate to inspire you to be your best.


Because we do business with other businesses, we work during standard business-hours, but offer you the ability to schedule appointments and breaks when best suited for you - and time off when you need it.


A tablet, laptop, and smart phone, are only some of the tools we offer you to effectively do your job. . . and our gift to you.

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