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What Is A Sales Stream?

You may have heard about some revolutionary new way to sell products and services on the internet - or maybe you haven't yet. If not, it's understandable. The sales stream is still a fairly new concept. If you haven't yet noticed the buzz, rest assured you will. It's changing online sales for the better in a really impactful way.

The following is a brief overview that discusses the concept of a sales stream, to get you caught up to speed - although not an extensive explanation. 

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Not A Sales Funnel

You may be familiar with the more popular online marketing concept commonly referred to as a sales funnel. If so, then the sales stream will probably make sense to you right away, since the sales stream basically picks up where the sales funnel leaves off.


Does the sales stream render the older sales funnel obsolete? It some cases, yes - but not necessarily absolutely. Sales funnels can still be effective, and it still is for many - but it is an older, antiquated system that is by it's very nature, incomplete.


You can think of the sales funnel as just a single component to the much larger sales stream. The sales stream accounts for all of the missing components of a funnel, solving the fundamental problems that exist within the sales funnel model. 

If you've ever run an online marketing campaign that's failed, (or hasn't been as successful as you know it could have been) the reason can always be found in the missing components.


The biggest difference between a sales stream and every other method of selling is the objective. Ironically, the goal of the sales stream is not to sell at all. Instead, the primary focus of the sales stream is to present information in a manner that is customized and specific to the individual that it serves.

Serving Others

-And at its core, serving others is what the sales stream is all about; knowing the customer well enough to know what they want and how to best present it to them - like in the way that you might offer a birthday gift to a friend. 


The sales stream accounts for finding the people who have a need for your offer, presenting it to them, offering alternative choices, helping them through their decision, providing follow-up support, and offering to help others that they know, who may also have a need.

Replace The Old

Every so often a new idea or concept comes along that's better than the one that precedes it. Just as technology advances through society, so do systems and processes.


Selling products and services online has always been an attractive prospect since the beginning of the world wide web. I recall a time when it was much easier said than done.


Today it's simpler than ever to reach the people who want the thing that we're trying to sell, but as certain spaces start to crowd and markets reach saturation points, it's important to alter our approach in order to achieve the same or better results - especially when you consider algorithm and policy changes on the platforms that we have come to depend upon.


That newer updated system for selling online is called a sales stream. If you haven't yet heard of it don't be surprised. It will take some time before everyone does, but rest assured they will. After all, it took much of 20 years for people to catch on to the idea of the recently popularized sales funnel . . . and that's probably a good place to start.


A properly executed sales stream could result in a staggering increase in profits when compared to other methods of selling, both online and off.

A sales stream favors the human experience and treats people as unique individuals from the start.


Know Your Customer


There are people all over that want exactly what you are offering. Your job is to strategically position your offer in front of them, where they are. To do that, you first need to know them. Understand them. Their pains. Their desires. That’s what effective marketing looks like in this day.


No matter how good your product or service is, you won’t sell anything if you are telling people who don’t care. . . and your ideal prospect will be at least somewhat unique to your business. 


That is the beginning of the sales stream.


  • KNOWING our ideal customer

  • POSITIONING our brands in front of them where they are


The Experience

The next part of the sales stream is "experience". That is the customer's experience throughout the buying cycle.


Empathetic Selling

It's really about caring more for the customer then you care for yourself or your own bottom line. You know that people want to be individuals. They want to be treated like people, not targets or audience, or traffic, or sales - or a mathematical equation that factors into someone else's profits. They have needs and desires, and want to know that you know them well enough to not only know what they want, but also to care enough to address their needs and fulfill those desires.


Sure they will be more inclined to buy from you as long as they know you, like you, and trust you, but they also need to know that you know them, and care about their needs.

The Customer Experience


In short, a sale stream is all about the customer's voyage through the experience, including what happens after the sale, like customer service which is an integral part of the experience, and so often neglected.


Do you support your product? You do if you care about the people who are using it. Businesses who focus solely on the sale and care more about the profit are often the companies that usually offer lackluster support, at best.


Leveraging Service in Sales

Too often a distinction is made between sales and service, but those two elements can work together.

Your easiest sale is somebody who already knows you, likes you, trusts you, and trusts that you know them and have their best interests in mind. Beyond that, they have already done business with you and had a great experience throughout the process.


That is your ideal customer.


The empathetic customized customer voyage, including post sale support, is the essence of what a properly crafted sale stream consists of at its core, but it doesn't end there.

The concept of a sales stream not only takes referrals into account but relies on them to fulfill the process of the flow.


Remember, unlike a sales funnel, the sales stream does not end at the sale, but rather focuses on the further development of customized experiences - not just for a single customer but also for those people who that customer knows.


To summarize, we could say a sales stream is a customized empathetic customer experience that starts at positioning, includes customer service and referrals, then continues ongoing.

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