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Marketing Frauds & Scams

Not having a "good ROI" is NEVER a sign of illegitimate business practice or a lack of experience. EVERYONE sees a lack of ROI at one point or another. That is the nature of business. Otherwise, everyone would be wealthy. If anyone tells you they nail every campaign 100% of the time, they're lying. There are many variables that make or break a campaign. The most common is when the client has no strategy but asks a technician (who is NOT a strategist) to manage an ad campaign that may or may not be effective. When people experience a lack of sales it's easy and common to blame the marketer, the copywriter, the ad manager, or the designer, but what about the product or service being sold? If that sucks, then it doesn't matter how talented your "funnel builder" is. If nobody wants what you are selling you will make no sales.