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Everything You Need To Know About Social Media




1 Hour

About the Course

Social media is here to stay - and you probably already know that you should be using it to grow your business. Infact, you probably already have a couple of accounts.

- But with so many social platforms available, how are you to know which ones you should be using? Surely you can't be using them all with equal amounts of proficiency, can you? Should you?

-So how do you know what social platforms to use? Which ones will be most suited to your business?

In this course you'll not only learn the answers to those questions, but you'll also learn the most effective way to use them. Your instructor will cover such topics as:

Profile or page

Acquiring connections and followers

Building a nework and community

What type of content to post

Original vs. repurposed

How often to post content

Using social groups

Using direct messaging

Getting people to buy

Measuring the results

. . . And much, much more!

Your Instructor

Ashley Amerson

Ashley has studied both the sociology and the technology of social media, and its best practices for many years.

From profiles and pages, to groups and messaging, she is an expert in audience targeting, content development, engagement, leads, and sales - and is commited to teaching you everything she knows.

Ashley Amerson
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