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About the Course

This Is What’s Working With Digital Advertising Today

The secret to scaling profitably (so you can spend $1,000s a day on ads without draining your bank account) lies in the decisions made AFTER you push ’publish’ on your campaigns!

You'll Learn:

Pre-Publish Skills:

1. Market Research 2. Offer Creation 3. Funnel Creation 4. Ad Creation/Copywriting 5. Audience Selection/Targeting 6. Establishing Goals & Metrics 7. Setting Up Tracking Systems 8. Creating Automated Follow Up Systems

Post-Publish Skills:

1. Reading & Evaluating Data 2. Optimizing Ad Campaigns 3. Optimizing Funnels 4. Optimizing Offers 5. Scaling Winning Campaigns 6. Maintaining Profits 7. Sales Scripts

Perfect for:

  • Information products

  • Ecommerce products

  • Coaching and consulting services

  • Local services such as chiropractic, dentistry and insurance

  • Lead generation for auto, solar, etc

  • Agency services

1. How To Convert & Scale Paid Traffic Today

2. The Playbook Strategy Guide ($995 Value)

3. Advanced Strategies, SOP’s & Frameworks Guide

Your Instructor

Jay Holmes

Jay Holmes
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