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To help those affected by crisis, we strive to develop effective strategies and solutions.

The United Culinary Alliance stays committed to supporting the food service industry working in affected communities throughout the US, as we have for the last decade.

Restaurant Workers

Growth Strategy

Sometimes businesses end up seemingly a million miles away from where they began, finding themselves in a category that they never would have expected. We've seen caterers become bakers and bakeries become coffee shops; restaurants turn into bars and bars turn into meal delivery concepts.

When times change, we must also change with the times, pivoting, testing, adapting, and yielding to flexibility, committed to serving the community based on demand.

In any down-turned economy or societal shift, there are always opportunities for business growth if you think fast, and develop a strategy to meet the current and growing demands of consumers. This is what we can help you do.


We recognize the fact that if there are 10 restaurants in your area and 9 of them close, then the one that survives will win big. It is our desire that none shall fall due to the perils of this industry travesty, but we can only help those that understand these basic principals and accept our offer to assist.

We want to help you not only survive, but thrive during this turbulent time. Schedule a time to speak with a Strategy Coordinator to learn how we're helping restaurants throughout the US to have the best fiscal days since their opening.

Business Meeting

Community Outreach

Despite what many have succumbed to believing, our data clearly shows that people didn't stop eating or spending money.


If restaurant sales are down, it's likely because not enough people are aware that the location is open for business.


Through community outreach programs, we make sure that everyone in your local community knows you are open for business and ready to serve them.


We do that through a variety of means:

  • Strategic Joint Venture Relationships

  • Public Relations Campaigns

  • Articles

  • Local Listings

  • Search Engine Placement and Optimization

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Local Ambassador Programs

  • Special Interest Groups

  • Local Advertising

Town Street

Online Ordering

We are helping restaurants set up their online ordering systems on their own website without having to rely on third-party sites that many of their competitors are also being featured on.


We find that sales increase greatly when the in-person and phone orders are replaced by online cart-based ordering systems, while offering peace-of-mind to both the customers and the restaurant staff, by reducing face-to-face POS transactions during a time when people are trying to distance themselves to maintain their health.


We have learned early on during this pandemic that keeping customers on the restaurant's site reduces friction and increases sales. Our goal is to help restaurants get set up quickly and affordably.


Schedule a time to talk with a UCA Service Coordinator to discuss how we can help your business right away.


Online Shopping


Opportunities Exist

We help restaurant owners find missed and potential opportunities.

Be Known

Get the Word Out

Locals say that they are having trouble knowing which restaurants are still open for business.

Increase Sales

Make It Easy

We have found that online ordering DOES increase sales, but only when customers stay on-site as opposed to being redirected.


A Closer Look

The challenge

Swift Response

A crisis can emerge anytime, anywhere - and each is a unique challenge. Those that are capable of pivoting swiftly, developing strategies, implementing procedures and processes, can not only keep their businesses surviving, but also thriving in the midst of economic or societal turbulence.

Our business strategists, consultants, and service providers work closely with our member-partners to ensure they have the very best chance of success.

Our Focus

Strategic Approach Means A Positive Outcome

When crises happen, reacting quickly, effectively, and collaboratively is the only way to help as many people as possible. That’s why we look to offer strategic packages of support, including providing restaurants and food services establishments with short-term and long-term funding, service solutions, or connections to the right volunteers or service professionals. From community outreach to staffing, and just about anything in between, we are committed to the assistance of the food service that drives our economy and our workforce.

6 million


food service professionals are currently out of work.


Has your business been directly impacted by the recent Corona crisis? 


Complete the following to determine eligibility for support services.

Your application has been sent for review. A representative will contact you soon for additional information as required.

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